About this Blog

This blog is a place where I, Alexandre Devert, French citizen born in 1981, will publish mostly about my coding adventures. Because I code, a lot, and since a long time. I have a passion for this, I consider it as some form of mental martial art. I put in coding the dedication that Shaolin monks throw in kung fu.

I learned a lot from others, from what they published on the open, from all the time and the efforts they thrown into explaining beautiful ideas, clever tricks and opening amazing perspectives. I will forget many, but here it is a list of people from who I learned a lot : Iñigo QuílezPaul Bourke, Jari KomppaJoel Yliluoma, Shamus Young, Miguel Cepero, the Flipcode community, the Arch Linux community, the Pouet community and countless others people and communities. Somehow, I felt that the balance was very unfair, taking from others but contributing nothing. Let's fix that broken karma.

I am a computer scientist. My research focus on large scale optimization problems, both theoretical & purely academic ones as well as real-life engineering ones. I'm lecturing on data-mining and software engineering. To learn more about this, you might check out my homepage here.

Those topics, data-mining and optimization will definitely show up. But I tend to be rather eclectic in my interests, and the content of the blog will reflect this. Computer graphics, optimization, computational geometry, game programming, music and mixes of those will be the bread and butter of this blog. I even have a life out of the computers, but this is no place to brag about it ^^ One more thing : I am not a native English speaker, and I will probably butcher English language. Feel free to point the errors !

I, Alexandre Devert, is responsible for the content of this, though I may not myself share the views contributed within the discussions.